Complimentary Contract Tracing from SpotOn January 31,2021

Sponsored by our partners at SpotOn

COMPLIMENTARY Contact Tracing for CRA Members – MADE EASY! with SpotOn Reserve

Adapt your restaurant to the new normal with a FOH contact tracing platform that simplifies everything – for you, your staff, and your guests.

Easily comply with 5 Star Program rules - and grow your guest database -  by collecting customer contact information for every single guest who dines with you.
  • Walk-in guests
  • Online waitlist adds
  • Phone reservations
  • Online reservations

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Minimize crowding and promote a contact-free environment for a safe and enjoyable guest experience.

  • Online booking through your website
  • Booking through Reserve with Google
  • Automated SMS confirmations
  • Two-way table ready messaging
  • Mid-meal/post meal text surveys
  • Optional dine-in mobile ordering

Serve more guests and increase sales while saving big

  • Attract more guests and reduce no-shows
  • Improve table-turn times with built-in server and table management
  • Own your guest data for every single guest to see new trends and drive repeat visits
  • Save between $800 and $1,200 per month compared to platforms that charge per-cover fees

Want to know more? 

To learn about the products and services SpotOn offers to help Colorado restaurants and small businesses, please visit

You can also directly contact Scott Youkilis, Restaurateur-in-Residence,

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