COVID-19 UPDATE: Details on Denver's Mask Order May 05,2020

Mayor Hancock issued an order requiring everyone to wear face masks in public places, effective May 6, 2020. You can read the order here.

The order requires residents and employees to wear face coverings while inside of, or waiting in line to enter, businesses, facilities or locations – such as any retail or commercial business, at a bus stop or facilities offering health care services. All restaurant employees should wear face coverings -- those preparing food, working in a space with food, and interacting with guests are specifically called out by the order.

The order also states that "businesses and organizations performing Critical Government Functions [such as restaurants] must take all reasonable steps to prohibit any member of the public who is not wearing a Face Covering from entering and, if those efforts are unsuccessful, must not serve that person and must seek to remove that person." Businesses should take reasonable measures, such as posting signs, to remind customers to wear face masks.

Face coverings should cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly. We have resources for acquiring face masks in our Business Directory, and a video on how to make a face mask here.

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