Denver Restaurant Owners Have More Options for Restaurant Reservation Systems September 07,2017

Reservation management is a common pain point for many restaurant operators. How can you avoid lost sales with the inevitable no-shows? How can you make it easier on guests to reserve a table at their own convenience? How can you save time without calling every single table for a confirmation?
These types of operational tensions are not uncommon, but nor are they unfixable. In fact, with the rise of new technologies and mobile application development, new restaurant reservation management systems can make a big impact in how both operators and guests experience restaurants reservations.
Many restaurateurs in Denver and beyond have sought out alternate options for a reservation system in an effort to find a more affordable and effective solution for their table management and customer engagement efforts. They seek better pricing, time savings and improved customer experience, common complaints from outmoded traditional reservation systems.
One of the newer reservation systems to hit the market is Reserve, which officially launched in Denver just last month.
“We made the switch to Reserve due to several factors in today's market place,” said Bryan Dayton, co-owner of Acorn and OAK at Fourteenth. “One of the main factors is that the financial obligations of running a restaurant are continuously rising. Reserve offers a reasonable platform for this by not charging us by the reservation. The technology behind Reserve is a bit more nimble than some other reservation platforms. We are excited to see the direction Reserve is going and to have a progressive thinking partner in this area of our work.”
Dayton is not alone. Industry leaders including Chef Alex Seidel’s restaurants Fruition and Mercantile Dining & Provision; Chef Troy Guard and his restaurant group, TAG Restaurants; Bryan Dayton and his restaurants Acorn and OAK at Fourteenth; and Joe Vostrejs on behalf of The Cooper Lounge in Union Station have all made the switch to Reserve.
“Denver restaurant owners are excited to have some additional competition in this arena to bring diners into their restaurants with a new streamlined system — no logins, no passwords. With Reserve, owners can spend those extra dollars saved on the full guest experience at their restaurant, not the reservation system,” said Peter Esmond, VP of Customer Success at Reserve.
The Reserve platform embodies many of the benefits Colorado restaurateurs are keen to see as the dining scene evolves. They want to see customized algorithms that work their own restaurant’s unique business flow. They want to minimize empty tables and make room for more diners — and thus, more revenue. They also want to see platforms that align with their restaurant’s budget. For many, this means paying a flat rate per month rather than per-reservation charge, which can add up to an immense and unpredictable price every month. Finally, restaurateurs want to be able to scale the amount of available tables open for reservations as they grow and evolve.
Dining out isn’t a precise science. Parties arrive late, or with fewer people. Life happens, and guests cancel at the last minute. Guests may even arrive demanding a table in the thick of dinner service. Luckily, new technology is making the process a little easier everyday, for both operator and guest. That the easier the process, the better the experience — for all.
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