Dogs on Patios - OK in Denver, Not OK in the Rest of the State June 08,2017

It is that time of year again. Summer is here and customers want to start sitting outside, but can they bring their dog with them? In Denver, the food code does allow for dogs to be on patios with specific requirements. Those requirements are:
  • Patio must have access that does not require the dog to walk through the restaurant.
  • Signs must be posted identifying that dogs are allowed on the patio with one sign posted in a conspicuous location visible upon entrance to the inside of the restaurant.
  • Patios over 400 square feet must have a non-dog friendly area and both areas must be clearly designated with signs.
Outside of the City of Denver, the food code doesn’t allow for dogs to be on patios where service is happening...unless a restaurant has gotten a variance. A few restaurants in the state have done this quite successfully. If an establishment outside of Denver would like to have a dog friendly patio, they can try to request a variance from the State Health Department. If this is something that you would like to pursue, please contact Nick Hoover (303-830-2972) for assistance.
+ Please note – Service animals must be allowed anywhere that a customer is allowed to go.

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