Getting Injured Employees Back to Work Faster May 06,2019

Did you know that the less time an injured worker is away from work, the greater the chances of their recovery and return to the job? Those who miss more than six months of work have about a 50% chance of returning, and more than a year away reduces the odds of returning to just 25 percent.

Pinnacol’s Return to Work team can help you get injured employees back on the job sooner and keep claim costs down … and the services are free of charge! At no cost, Pinnacol’s Return to Work team can help your organization in several ways:

  • Creating a step-by-step return to work program.
  • Training your staff to build a culture that supports modified duty.
  • Conducting on-site visits to create preplanned modified-duty tasks.
  • Overcoming obstacles to getting injured employees back to work.
  • Assisting in formally offering modified-duty assignments to injured workers.

Return to work program
Pinnacol can help your organization create a formal return to work program. This will help your injured employees:
  • Quickly find modified duties through a preplanned task list.
  • Stay connected to their workplace while recovering.
  • Regain financial security by working a modified-duty position.
  • Feel productive again.

Modified duty and task lists
Modified duty is a temporary arrangement for an injured worker to perform certain regular tasks and/or alternative duties. It may include limiting work hours, changing work conditions or physically modifying the individual’s workplace.

Modified duty achieves multiple goals. Productive time on the job helps your organization get work done, allows the employee to heal faster and empowers the individual to view their recovery positively.

A Pinnacol Return to Work consultant can help your organization answer several questions:
  • What special projects could be done by the injured employee?
  • Are there tasks the injured employee can do that would enable their co-workers to focus on other matters?
  • Which tasks have piled up?
  • Who in your organization would benefit from temporary assistance?
  • Does the injured worker have special skills or industry knowledge that could help one or more co-workers?

Pinnacol resources
Visit Pinnacol’s website to learn more about its Return to Work team and services. Download helpful content, including frequently asked questionscomponents of a return to work program and ergonomic evaluation services.

Pinnacol’s site includes several resources for modified duty: creating a task list, a sample modified-duty task list, guidance on making offers of modified duty and a modified job offer checklist.

For further information and support, we invite you and your team to contact Pinnacol Return to Work specialist Jackie Geib at or 303.361.4798.

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