State Issues Guidance on Winter Indoor/Outdoor Dining September 28,2020

Over the last month, we have been working with the Governor’s office, state departments, and municipalities to get ready for winter. With outdoor dining options becoming less tenable in colder months and indoor capacities being severely limited, we know it is going to be a difficult couple of months for restaurants. 
This week, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released information about what will qualify as an indoor structure vs. an outdoor structure. This is important information as the definition of indoor or outdoor will determine what capacity limits would apply to that structure. You can read the full document here. The factor used to determine indoor or outdoor was ventilation. Here is a summary of what is considered indoor and outdoor:
Outdoor Structure

  • 2 walls that are non-adjacent open enough to provide air flow through the space.
  • 2 walls that adjacent closed, and 2 walls adjacent open, without a roof.
  • Ceiling, roofs, umbrellas, or canopies with no walls.
  • Single party structures that allow for ventilation between uses (e.g., igloos or bubbles)
Indoor Structure
  • 4 walls and a ceiling
  • 3 walls closed, 1 side open
  • 2 adjacent walls closed and 2 adjacent sides open
We continue to advocate for expanding capacities indoors and for grant programs to cover the costs of necessary winter modifications.  

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