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How to Safely Onboard New and Returning Restaurant Workers

As federal pandemic unemployment benefits come to an end, Colorado restaurants are likely to see an increase in job applicants. To prepare ...

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Tech to the Rescue: 3 Products to Help Your Restaurant Work Smarter, Not Harder

From increasing margins to creating efficiencies and improving the guest experience—take heart, Colorado restaurateurs: adding technol...

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Keeping Colorado Employees on Their Feet - Tips From Pinnacol Assurance

Keeping Colorado Restaurant Employees on Their Feet As the pandemic starts to improve, it's a good time for Colorado restaurants to refocus...

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Timely Claims Reporting for Colorado Restaurants: Tips From Pinnacol Assurance

As Colorado restaurants emerge from the pandemic, they face multiple challenges to recruit new staff. With most restaurants reporting labor...

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Common Consumption: Everything You Need to Know

Get ready Denver, soon guests will be able to drink alcohol in designated outdoor areas thanks to the Mile High City’s recent approval of ...

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What Your Restaurant Needs in Its Emergency Plan: Tips From Society Insurance

What Your Restaurant Needs in Its Emergency PlanWarm weather can be ripe for disaster – the tornado season runs through June, the hail...

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Workers' Comp 101: What Colorado Restaurants Need to Know

Workers' Comp 101: What Colorado restaurants need to know Cuts. Slips and falls. Bruises. Strains. Burns. These are the top five kinds of ...

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How to Navigate Colorado's New Mask Guidance: Tips From Pinnacol Assurance

You have probably seen the new mask guidance issued last month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which says peop...

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Preparing for a Post-Pandemic World: Tips From Pinnacol Assurance

Whatever industry you work in, the big story over the past 15 months has been the pandemic. As we near the halfway point of 2021, the story ...

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SpotOn Forges Lasting Relationships to Help Restaurants on Their Road to Recovery

Adversity puts our values to the test—individuals and organizations alike. For SpotOn, an innovative restaurant point-o...

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