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Two Changes to Overtime Rules Are on the Horizon in 2020

Two changes to overtime rules are on the horizon in 2020. The first is a done deal – and you’ll need to comply with it come Jan...

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Denver City Council Votes to Allow Common Consumption Areas

Update, November 13, 2019: Denver City Council voted on November 12, 2019, to allow Common Consumption Areas to go forward. Excise and ...

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After 37 Years, Pete Meersman Retires from the Colorado Restaurant Association

After 37 years with the Colorado Restaurant Association, Pete Meersman is celebrating his retirement. After a stint on the Mile High Chapter...

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What does the new Colorado Digital ID mean for restaurants?

On Wednesday, October 30, Governor Jared Polis signed an executive order authorizing the launch of Colorado Digital ID in the myColorado app...

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Announcing the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Colorado Restaurant Association is pleased to announce the winners of the Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards. This prestigious awards pr...

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Sniffing Out Fraud in Workers’ Compensation

Do you suspect a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim at your organization? If so, that’s serious. Fraudulent claims cost busi...

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Colorado Labor Law Poster Changes

Recently, changes were made to the “Notice to Workers” section of the required Colorado labor law posters employers are required to have in their business. The new language is required to be po...

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Don't get confused by the differences between PCI Compliance and EMV Standards

PCI requirements are in place to prevent data breaches that lead to the theft of credit card data and fraudulent charges. PCI compliance is ...

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Getting Injured Employees Back to Work Faster

Did you know that the less time an injured worker is away from work, the greater the chances of their recovery and return to the job? Those ...

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Cultivating Safety Leadership at Your Organization

Leadership may seem like an intangible quality — something we cannot define but know when we see it. However, safety leadership can be...

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