Culinary QuickStart 
The Colorado Restaurant Association and the Colorado Restaurant Foundation support a Workforce Development program called Culinary QuickStart (CQS). This program trains students of all ages to be qualified as a line or prep cook and includes a ServSafe certification as part of their training. You can benefit from our association with Culinary QuickStart by getting involved with the program.  

Hiring Fairs
By attending their hiring fairs you’ll get the opportunity to meet their graduates face to face and potentially hire some of them. The number of CQS graduates per hiring fair range from a low of 20 per month to a high of nearly 50 per month.  Since 2017 - 447 CQS graduates have been hired in Denver area restaurants. CRA members receive a table at the hiring fair for only $100 – a $50 discount and a bargain in terms of the cost of recruiting through other means.

Guest Chef
Interested in volunteering to be a Guest Chef for our Culinary Quick Start program?  Share your expertise and guide students through a range of culinary techniques!

Meals for Change
Pledge to donate 10% of your restaurant’s total sales for the day the the Culinary Quick Start program - in care of Emily Griffith Foundation.

  • Help the Culinary Quick Start program grow

  • Recruit new people into our industry and your business

  • Help support your Culinary Community overall

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Take advantage of our partnership with the Culinary QuickStart program and build your workforce of the future now.

Check it out at and follow them on social media at: 

Facebook - @culinaryquickstart 
Instagram - @culinaryquickstart 
Twitter - @culinaryquick 


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