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Whether you are looking to get the best quality and pricing on loans, business
or health insurance, advertising or office supplies, you’ll find what you need
through membership with the CRA.

If you can't find what you need, send an email letting us know what you need
to and we will get back to youASAP.

Free CRA Signage:

Simply email to request these items. (You automatically receive
these signs when you join, and can thereafter request any time):

      • Colorado Labor Law posters (laminated) - REQUIRED FOR COMPLIANCE
      • Federal (NLRB) Labor Law poster (laminated) - REQUIRED FOR COMPLIANCE
      • Bathroom Hand-washing signs - washable, waterproof - REQUIRED FOR COMPLIANCE
      • Sink Mini Hand-washing signs - washable, waterproof - REQUIRED FOR COMPLIANCE
      • Patio Signs - No Alcohol Beyond this Point - washable, waterproof 
      • No Alcohol to Minors signs -washable, waterproof - REQUIRED FOR COMPLIANCE
      • Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) signs
      • CRA Membership window decal

Support those that Support Our Industry

BMI Music License Savings
Credibly Loan Savings
Crest Restaurant Insurance - Safety Group Discounts
Heartland CC Processing - & Restaurant POS
Office Depot / Office Max - Printing + Other Discounts
Tiger Natural Gas - Up to 25% Off 
TrueSyncMedia - Free to Members
UnitedHealthcare -Healthcare Savings & Mental Health

BMI represents the rights for millions of musical works created and owned by
songwriters, composers, and music publishers. BMI distributes the fees it generates
as royalties to its affiliated writers and publishers when their songs are performed in public.

As a member of the CRA, you are entitled to special savings on your BMI Music License
through our Eating & Drinking Establishments licensing program.

This program provides the following discounts:

  • 5%   discount simply for being a CRA Member
  • 5%   discount for making your payment online here
  • 10% discount for making your payment within 30 days of annual renewal invoice

Learn more about BMI here. To set-up an account or pay online, go here.

Get fast, easy & transparent funding. Credibly offers CRA members 60% off origination
fees on all Credibly products, including short & long-term loans, cash advances, lines of credit, 
SBA programs and equipment leasing.

Much faster than banks and credit unions - 24 hour funding versus 90-120 days - and
payback options that are aligned with your business model.  Go here to learn more.

CREST Restaurant Insurance knows the restaurant industry. 

CRI takes a consultative approach to identify and address the unique business challenges
restaurant operators face. And they listen. Then they put together a plan for your business
that protects you. 

If you are interested in a free consultation, often leading to substantial savings, send
an email to and we will connect you ASAP.

CRI is a member of the Professional Independent Insurance Agencies of Colorado and the
National Independent Insurance Agents Association.

Heartland Payment Systems
 is one of the largest payment processors for the hospitality industry
in the United States, and delivers card processing and security technology through Heartland Secure™.

Heartland also offers:
and other related business solutions and services to more than 400,000 business and educational locations nationwide.

For more information, please contact Bobby Higdon at 888-798-3133 ext. 11577
or email 

Office Depot/Max's partnership with the CRA provides exclusive savings on all of your business
needs, with discounts on over 55,000 products, and offering some of the best printing
, which members often remark on.

To enroll in this savings program, simply take the discount card or one-sheet (provided when you
joined) to any store. To sign up for delivery with the discounts, simply call or email Paul Lopez,
Program Manager, at 855-337-6811 ext. 12716 or email

Save from 12-25% on your annual natural gas bill. 

To find out how much Tiger can save your business, submit a request for a quote here,
or call Tiger at 888-875-6122 or email

Every penny you save counts towards your bottom line.

TrueSyncMedia offers custom branded content that is engaging, enticing, and perfect for any
location. Designed to play without audio, their high quality clips will add ambiance to your
venue and entertain your guests so they stay longer and spend more money!

Members receive:
  • 2 hours of custom video content creation - FREE
  • 20% off of additional custom content creation
  • 4 minutes per hour of free airtime to promote your events and specials
  • 20% off any additional airtime you'd like to purchase
To learn more, call Scott Davis at 303-819-2824 or email

The CRA is part of a strategic alliance that provides affordable health care solutions to address
the diverse needs of the hospitality industry through our partners at UnitedHealthcare

In addition to other programs, the Restaurant and Hospitality Association Benefit Trust 
was created for the hospitality industry to provide smaller business access to more affordable
health care solutions for you. 

Additional discounts:

  • Up to a 5% discount on manual medical rates for fully insured groups with 101 or more eligible employees.
  • An annual invoice credit of up to 5% on administrative fees for new ASO medical products for self-funded groups with 100 or more eligible employees.
  • Up to a 5% discount on specialty benefits (dental, vision, life & disability, accident and critical illness) for fully insured groups.
Go here to learn more about UnitedHealthcare's options to help you and your employees navigate health and mental health options, many of which are low cost or free.

About Endorsed Providers and Corporate Sponsors

The CRA works hard to promote and protect Colorado’s foodservice industry, and the companies that generously sponsor us help greatly in our ability to accomplish that objective. We hope that when deciding who to work with in your restaurant, you consider supporting those that support our industry.

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