Food Code Changes Coming January 1July 01, 2018

On January 1, 2019, Colorado will adopt the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's (US FDA) 2013 model Food Code and 2013 Supplement to Colorado's food industries. This will mean some operational changes for all retail food establishments. Those changes include, but are not limited to:

    • - Certified Food Protection Managers
    • - Proper Date Marking of ready to eat foods that have to be maintained cold to be safe
    • - Procedures in place for the proper cleanup of a vomiting or diarrheal event
    • - Hand-washing signs at all hand-washing sinks used by employees 

Get a list of the top 10 questions regarding the changes to the Colorado Food Code

Or check out the CDPHE website to learn more. 

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And remember:  Once the changes go into effect on January 1, every restaurant outside of Denver is required to have one person trained in food safety at a management level.  ServSafe Manager classes qualify for this requirement.  Find class schedules on our calendar of events and get your staff ServSafe Trained!

ServSafe® is a program of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. The Manager Certification course is a 1-day immersion course, offering basic food safety concepts. This program has a certification exam; passage of the exam is acceptable in 95% of American jurisdictions with a training requirement, including Colorado!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us at for clarification.

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